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To Commemorate Our Strong Band




Woodberry Forest School concluded its Our Strong

Band campaign on December 31, 2012, raising

$111,187,881 in the most ambitious and successful

comprehensive campaign in school history.


The need for the campaign grew out of the school’s

strategic planning process, which identified the challenges Woodberry would need to meet in order to retain its position among the nation’s leading boarding schools:


• Attract exceptional students in an era of                      increase competition

• Recruit outstanding faculty, pay them                          competitive salaries, and offer them attractive            professional development opportunities

• Enhance the school’s facilities for science,

             residential life, and athletics

• Ensure that Woodberry remains affordable for            the families of our students


School leaders determined that meeting these

challenges would require significant additional funding

— at least $100 million — which could only be attained

through an unprecedented, multi-year campaign

engaging all members of the Woodberry constituency.

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